Bukusu tribe in Kenya has been practice one of their old culture for years now and it’s that time of the year when the tribe practice their most celebrated culture that it is believed to transform young men into adult.

Male circumcision usually happen when we approach August or the month of August, at this time of the month everything comes to a stop in Western Kenya because it’s one big occasion that see some of the tribe members ensure their kids travel to attend this transforming process that is believed to be changing young men into Adult. It is believed if you are circumcised under this traditional practice and by the elders in the club, you are a man enough to overcome pain because it is not done in hospital but rather at home in the presence of villagers and clans men.

The Bukusu and western region circumcision this year might experience difficulties and in some places it will not happen for the first time in history but am sure other will ignore the situation and carry on with the practice dispute the increasing numbers of Corona virus positive cases reported.

The government is very aware of the traditional circumcision practice that take place yearly and have advice that with the current situation it will be advisable for it to take place at the hospital but am not sure if that will happen. If we can keep safe now and it will be hard for us to take part in our future cultural practice and I can tell you how big this practice is here in Kenya because in some place if you visit and you are of the same age of those been circumcised and you are not circumcised, you will be forcefully be circumcised and you can’t do nothing about it because you are in a wrong place at the right time.

So with the current Covid situation, the future of this very celebrated Western circumcision celebration culture matters a lot than the current practice. Their is no need to put lives at risk for something we will have more years to practice after the Corona virus is managed or gone.

God bless Kenya

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