It’s that month of the year that it rains and rains, but what can we learn from the previous incidents of this rains. Nothing at all because what happened last 10 years in my home country is still happening now. We don’t learn and plan well enough.

This brings me to imagine one thing, what if this floods happening right now was like Corona virus or as famous as 5 months old Covid 19. Would it get the same attention, funds and awareness in Kenya? How are we prepared to handling calamities that happen on an annual basis as Kenyan and the government in general?

Right now more than 17,000 people displaced by current floods and more than 10 dead and more numbers buried underground by the recent land slide in rift valley cause by heavy rains. What about COVID 19, about 355 infections country wide, 14 deaths and more than 100 recoveries and around 65% of the infected don’t even show the symptoms which means they can even recover from home if they isolate themselves. But the amount of funds given to them by both the government and world wide organization are very huge just because it doesn’t choose who it infects, it deals with both the poor and the rich and the poor at once get to enjoy the good treat at the cost of the rich. If you know what i mean?

I tend to belief because the corona virus doesn’t choose weather you are rich or poor, you live in the best houses or slums, powerful or useless, first world or third world. It gets all the marketing and promotion it doesn’t deserve compared to this floods now killing and leaving lots of people homeless in remote areas of my country Kenya right now.

I campaign and will always campaign to giving the same attention to any calamities affecting my country and by now we should not be having lives being lost by what i will call poor planning and taking things casual just because its not affecting the powerful people in the society. The way the big and stable organization and businesses are raising funds to manage COVID 19, they should also do the same to the flooding happening now in Kenya.


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