Promoting Tourism

Ke1Tribe is focused in promoting both international and local tourism

Promoting Peace

Creating awareness and promoting peace among the different tribes of Kenya


Educating the youths the importance of peaceful co-existence and promoting togetherness

Who We Are

Ke1Tribe is a cultural tourism and festival agency. We help or clients know and understand the different  festivals and cultural practices happening in Kenya and help them plan to attend for accommodations as well as market and advertise the festivals both locally and internationally while also fighting negative ethnicity and tribalism among the youths in Kenya. We engage our clients emotionally with our cultures and day to day activities as part of the team.

We use a series of proprietary tools that enable our clients to integrate their customers into their business and plan well their festivals and cultural events early in advance.

Latest News

Our Impact


Educate on the importance of  peaceful co-existence


Engage the youths in daily activities that keep them active and take their minds away from immoral behaviours


Promote cultural tourism and international tourism.