Currently the whole world is fighting corona and scientists everywhere are working extra hard in trying the different phases of the virus developed so far. All the concentration are now on this virus vaccine and everyone is giving his best to prevent this.

Unfortunately for the residents of Kibera slums things are not good to them. They woke up to going to work as usual and at work they left everything fine in the one room iron sheet house, only to come back in the evening to find out they have no where to call home.

Their house were destroyed because they are near the train line. Which is a bad thing and for their safety is the right thing to do but do we need to do it right now when we are recording almost 300 cases of corona virus positive cases a day. We need this people to stay home and stay safe but how will they do that if they don’t have a home to stay. Instead of preventing the corona virus we are exposing more families to this virus which is a bad move to make right now.

So this families are forced to camp in churches and open fields where am sure they are congested and not maintaining social distance and with a record positive case of more than 35000 in Kenya so far, we don’t know how serious the case will be when he keep exposing our citizen to this virus. The living standards is already difficult for this kibera slums resident and we should support them now more than making it more hard for them. I would like to appreciate the organizations that has created this awareness and gave a helping hard to this families and may almighty God bless you more. Thanks

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  1. Miriam Njoroge
    Miriam Njoroge says:

    This is a great initiative. We are together in this. We will hold hands and uplift our brothers and sisters in Kibera Kenya.
    God bless you and God bless Kibera Residents.


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