During this bad times of Corona Virus, stay at home and work from home are some of the words we get to hear most of the time but how safe can they stay if they don’t have anything to eat when at home. Some of this people leaving in Kibera don’t have permanent jobs that can earn them a good meal at the end of the day leave a lone saving for the future, they work from hand to mouth.  Food is a basic need and more basic at this time of Covid 19.

That day of the month is coming when we decide to donate food to random families in Kibera, with the support from our well wishers who wants to remain behind the scene and we respec6t that. We thank God and Agape hope for Kibera for the support they are giving to this  families in Kibera because they are among the few organizations that are God sent to help those very much in need of this foods.

I was once challenged by a very good friend of mine when he asked me what I have done to change someone’s life in this difficult times before I started mobilizing my friends to this project, one thing that stood up and I will never forget in that conversation is ” You don’t have to be a millionaire to start giving and what ever you give will come back to you in a different way and a lot of it,” for sure that has been my testimony because since then, we have a monthly food basket that will be going on even after the Corona virus situation is over because I belief in a living and faithful God that He will always provide so that we can reach as many families as possible. More people have join this cause and from different countries in the world and not Kenya a lone and we can testify that they are God sent and will forever be grateful for this initiative. Thank you all for your support and many more are welcomed to be part of this good initiative in Kibera now that we have even more stricken measures announced by our president last week. God will see us through this difficult times because He will never let his people down.



Rusinga Festival celebrates takes place in Rusinga Island – one of Kenya’s hidden gems on Lake Victoria – the festival offers two days of music, fashion, film, food, artistry, literature, sports and conversations that take you back in time into the wealth of the Suba Culture.

The 2019 edition was tailored along the theme “The Island Remembers” – which gives us a reason to reminisce, celebrate, re-imagine and connect Rusinga Island to the world through art, culture and heritage. Today, cultural expressions are key in unifying and humanizing people.

The Island Remembers also commemorate the fifty years that have passed since the death of the island’s greatest son – Tom Mboya – through an assassin’s bullet. Tom Mboya remains one of the most prominent personalities in Kenyan history. The Island Remembers will reflect on the 50 years since his tragic death, the historic reaction to his death, his life & struggles, the family he left behind and the continued impact of his legacy.

In celebratingThe Island Remembers, the festival also explore and showcase the theme in many creative and cultural forms, while at the same time celebrating the African narrative.  It was interesting to see how the theme played out in conversations on tourism, culture, identity, art, theatre, film, fashion, entrepreneurship, leadership, environment, disability, technology, women and youth empowerment, health, gender and so on throughout the festival.

We look forward to celebrating with you in what promises to be another remarkable year! You will be left in awe as you lap up the rich Suba culture and stunning serenade of nature with every sunset and sunrise over Africa’s largest fresh water lake.

This years event will take place in December 2021 the exact date yet to be confirmed, Thanks.

Kitui county is one of the big county in the ukambani region of Kenya, four hours drive from Nairobi the capital city of Kenya.

Last two weeks my friends and i decided to visit and see how the situation is from the ground and how the Covid 19 situation has affected the people living their. Just like the rest of the world in general, the covid 19 situation has hugely affected the this region and what came to my surprise and was very sad is how the girl child have been dealing with their periods during this time.

In this remote part of Kenya, their was a big number of both young and old girls who could not afford getting sanitary pads and they tend to invent their own means of dealing with their monthly periods. Pieces of old cloths and some kind of soft leaves were the options they have but this never sound good and safe because they were putting their health at risk.

In this centuary and time, i still wonder how sanitary pads are still being sold and its one of the basic needs for our girls while condoms are given for free. Do we value girl child or is just a matter of using any small opportunity to make money while a certain gender in the society still suffer.

We decided to give the little we had bought to them at lest it will last them two to three months but my challenges is for how long will we give them before the government realizes as much as we give free condoms to boy child and men, we need to consider the girl child too in giving them free sanitary pads that can help those who cannot afford to buy for themselves.

I believe two hands are better than one and if i can get more people on board i can help distribute more pads in Kitui and its surrounding to get to help more girls in this region especially during this pandemic period. kindly lets share this article on your blog and make a different this 2021 to the girls in Kitui. Thank you for your time <lawremo@gmail.com>


We have been trying our best to reduce the Corona positive cases numbers in Kenya since the government did away with some restrictions but is it working? That’s the question we should ask ourselves.

Our public service vehicles have started posting posters that shows how far we need to sit away from each other but they are doing exactly the opposite of what’s needed and what they advice.

Just the other day on my way from Kibera to Kawangware, some of the most popular places here in Nairobi. I went into a bus and saw the stickers and I thought this was a very good initiative that I should support and even congratulate them for the good job they are doing to reduce the curve.

Little did I know that the “Do not sit here ” sticker was posted to pass the traffic police road block then later we will be packed to fill those remaining seats. We tend to try fool the authority but at the end of the day we are putting ourselves and others at a risk of Covid 19 infection. Its high time we start been our neighbours keeper because we only live once and the virus has given enough proof that it can take anyone’s life regardless of our age.

God bless Kenya

It’s that month of the year that it rains and rains, but what can we learn from the previous incidents of this rains. Nothing at all because what happened last 10 years in my home country is still happening now. We don’t learn and plan well enough.

This brings me to imagine one thing, what if this floods happening right now was like Corona virus or as famous as 5 months old Covid 19. Would it get the same attention, funds and awareness in Kenya? How are we prepared to handling calamities that happen on an annual basis as Kenyan and the government in general?

Right now more than 17,000 people displaced by current floods and more than 10 dead and more numbers buried underground by the recent land slide in rift valley cause by heavy rains. What about COVID 19, about 355 infections country wide, 14 deaths and more than 100 recoveries and around 65% of the infected don’t even show the symptoms which means they can even recover from home if they isolate themselves. But the amount of funds given to them by both the government and world wide organization are very huge just because it doesn’t choose who it infects, it deals with both the poor and the rich and the poor at once get to enjoy the good treat at the cost of the rich. If you know what i mean?

I tend to belief because the corona virus doesn’t choose weather you are rich or poor, you live in the best houses or slums, powerful or useless, first world or third world. It gets all the marketing and promotion it doesn’t deserve compared to this floods now killing and leaving lots of people homeless in remote areas of my country Kenya right now.

I campaign and will always campaign to giving the same attention to any calamities affecting my country and by now we should not be having lives being lost by what i will call poor planning and taking things casual just because its not affecting the powerful people in the society. The way the big and stable organization and businesses are raising funds to manage COVID 19, they should also do the same to the flooding happening now in Kenya.



If you look at the above image, you will think it was taken some months ago before the corona virus epidemic was discovered. How organized and disciplined they are towards what brought them here as they wait patiently to be served.

To your surprise, the photo was taken yesterday in Kibera as the residents were lining up for the foods donated to them. The government as talked a lot about social distance and i belief their is a lot of campaign here in Kenya encouraging social distance and use of face masks in public place, but its not working.


I don’t blame them, it was charity food distribution activity to the residents of Kibera and because of poor coordination and organization in this slum residence, the field was for only the strongest survive.  Am sure with the own going person to person corona virus infection,  a lot of people here put their family at a very high risk of getting infected in the name of going to fetch them food from the specific charity organization. Unfortunately, two people lost their lives from this unorganized food distribution process and several injured during this struggle to get food.


Kibera slums as a big population and when my friends and i distributed the food we went to door to door. We never manged to reach all the households because we didn’t raise enough funds but at least we never lost anyone in this process, why? Because door to door distribution works better in this surrounding than calling everyone in an open area to distribute food, they will automatically fight for it. 

My point is i know every organization wants to help those in need of food now with the lock downs and curfews all over and  but their is a better way than risking their life in public places. What’s the need of giving them food then in the process they get affected with Corona Virus then you loose their lives before eating. DOOR TO DOOR distribution will work better here in Kenya if our objective is to keep them stay at home safe and provide for their basic needs and the government is very clear on this.

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