Currently the whole world is fighting corona and scientists everywhere are working extra hard in trying the different phases of the virus developed so far. All the concentration are now on this virus vaccine and everyone is giving his best to prevent this.

Unfortunately for the residents of Kibera slums things are not good to them. They woke up to going to work as usual and at work they left everything fine in the one room iron sheet house, only to come back in the evening to find out they have no where to call home.

Their house were destroyed because they are near the train line. Which is a bad thing and for their safety is the right thing to do but do we need to do it right now when we are recording almost 300 cases of corona virus positive cases a day. We need this people to stay home and stay safe but how will they do that if they don’t have a home to stay. Instead of preventing the corona virus we are exposing more families to this virus which is a bad move to make right now.

So this families are forced to camp in churches and open fields where am sure they are congested and not maintaining social distance and with a record positive case of more than 35000 in Kenya so far, we don’t know how serious the case will be when he keep exposing our citizen to this virus. The living standards is already difficult for this kibera slums resident and we should support them now more than making it more hard for them. I would like to appreciate the organizations that has created this awareness and gave a helping hard to this families and may almighty God bless you more. Thanks

Finally Nairobi lockdown is lifted and you quickly rush to the village coz city life was unbearable. You were working in some factory in Kitengela and you were laid off coz of the negative business environment.

You arrive in western or Nyanza and the mosquitoes here feast on coz you are new blood and a new different meal(something like that actually exists! )

Ten days you later you developed fever, headaches and joint pains. Coupled with the fact that you left your house and beddings for so long, dust mites had invaded it during your absence and so there you start sneezing coz of an allergic reaction to dust. You are not lucky coz your favourite cousin, who is having a cold insist on hugging you and also sneezes on your face and there you also catch a cold.

Now combine very high fevers, joint pains, severe headache, dry cough and sneezing with difficulty in breathing due to allergic reaction to dust. At this Corona times these are things you could be be treated but now they are likely to kill you!

Anyway coz you have not lost hope on humanity you carry yourself to the nearest health centre and before you have even admitted they take your temperature and we can all guess what happens next. You have all the ‘classical symptoms of Corona’ and calls are quickly made to the covid team in your county and the attendee clinician quickly shuns you and announces to you minus testing

“Hatuwezi kukuhudumia hapa sababu uko na Corona!” Yes you have been diagnosed with out testing (remember how losing weight equals to HIV?). Your condition is now worsening but you are locked out of the hospital.

The boda boda guy that brought you disappears after getting wind that you have the dreaded virus. Everyone shuns you…. cost of the rejection and stigma your brain starts playing tricks on you, you get into a panic attack and starts hyperventilating which only makes your symptoms and now someone decides that you need ICU services.

Your family decides to convince the local rich man and you are bundled into his Peugeot 404 and the journey starts to the county hospital. Upon reaching there you are informed that the 4 bed capacity ICU is full (even though it has 3 beds empty. I mean the medics there don’t want to risk coz the govt has not provided for them PPEs!). They refuse to allow you in and give you options of available hospitals for ICU services.

Calls are made around and yes the cheapest hospital that has a bed demands 100k per day for admission with a deposit of 200k before they can give you that bed. You ran away from Nairobi coz you were laid off and the three months were pure struggle but right now your life is on the balance as you need 200k urgently to live.

While still in that Peugeot now sweating, shivering and coughing calls are made. Your father, with an old dirty worn out Gor Mahia mask at a distance comes to discuss with you.
Yes they are considering selling the last piece of land that you had come to farm, that plot or acre of land you had been given. I mean it’s your life or the land. These are worldly riches and you reason that once you are alive you can always get money.

Coz the land owner is desperate the land is sold at a throw away price, swindled and conned but you want to live. Deposit and you are finally admitted to the ICU. Before you are admitted there that’s when someone takes covid test, just to be sure though you have already been labelled covid positive. You have to wait for the results in three days time!

Luckily for you some clever doctor decides to do a malaria test (lucky coz some will just leave you on the machine as they wait for the results and you will die before three days elapse!).

Malaria parasites are found and you are started on antimalarial. Coz ICU is extremely clean the allergy to dust disappears and the difficulty in breathing stops. Now you only have to deal with the incessant cough!

Three days later your Corona test come back negative but you are 300k short due to a wrong diagnosis. Something that would have been treated with drugs worth 200 shillings but coz of the stigma you have to fork out all that cash!

The government thinks its helping by announcing the cases daily and hyping up the Corona thing but it’s just worsening the stigma. So many people are going to die of things that could be easily cured but we are being made to be afraid of everyone that has a high temperature. We are being made to neglect patients with coughs and fever as if before corona there was no one with headaches and coughs!

The above is a good scenario of someone that can afford, what about those who don’t have money for ICU? How many people are going to die at hospital gates, parking areas or at home for something treatable just coz they have a fever and cough and sometimes difficulty in breathing?

Don’t blame the doctor here coz the govt is not providing PPEs for us in as much as it’s creating fear and stigma about the virus. As long as we are not provided protection we are not going to risk and yes we have families too.!

God bless Kenya

Somewhere in a first world country, this is will be inhuman to be on this surrounding but back here in Kenya, mama Alex from Kibera calls it home.

Living in Kibera might be one of the best place to be during politics because that’s the moment you think when i choose the right candidate to represent us in the parliament, our lives will change till you realized that being in Kibera is politics on his own and our leaders take advantage of the situation.

Our government and health experts keep reminding us to stay home and keep safe during this time of Corona virus and with the increase in numbers but how safe are the houses in Kibera. Am not an health expert and I cant tell if the virus is airborn or not but if it is, then homes in Kibera are not the safest place to be.

In this kind of a house, you keep praying that it doesn’t start raining at midnight because you will be forced to leave your house and go look for a place to shelter, security on Kibera slums is also not that good just like other ghettos in the world. Corona has made it even more difficult to ask for shelter from a neighbor and I am not sure even the state of the neighbour house by now but if I can tell, it’s not that promising.

Before we start advising people to stay home and safe, house is one of the basic needs so we should help build a home for him to stay and keep safe. Life in Kibera should not major on survival for the fittest but we should be considered as the loyal citizens who deserves the best out of every opportunity that come our way. We spend coldest morning on queue trying to vote the best leaders for our representation but once they win, they forget about there roots and start fulfilling there selfish interests.

God bless Kenya

Bukusu tribe in Kenya has been practice one of their old culture for years now and it’s that time of the year when the tribe practice their most celebrated culture that it is believed to transform young men into adult.

Male circumcision usually happen when we approach August or the month of August, at this time of the month everything comes to a stop in Western Kenya because it’s one big occasion that see some of the tribe members ensure their kids travel to attend this transforming process that is believed to be changing young men into Adult. It is believed if you are circumcised under this traditional practice and by the elders in the club, you are a man enough to overcome pain because it is not done in hospital but rather at home in the presence of villagers and clans men.

The Bukusu and western region circumcision this year might experience difficulties and in some places it will not happen for the first time in history but am sure other will ignore the situation and carry on with the practice dispute the increasing numbers of Corona virus positive cases reported.

The government is very aware of the traditional circumcision practice that take place yearly and have advice that with the current situation it will be advisable for it to take place at the hospital but am not sure if that will happen. If we can keep safe now and it will be hard for us to take part in our future cultural practice and I can tell you how big this practice is here in Kenya because in some place if you visit and you are of the same age of those been circumcised and you are not circumcised, you will be forcefully be circumcised and you can’t do nothing about it because you are in a wrong place at the right time.

So with the current Covid situation, the future of this very celebrated Western circumcision celebration culture matters a lot than the current practice. Their is no need to put lives at risk for something we will have more years to practice after the Corona virus is managed or gone.

God bless Kenya

Life in Kibera is a living proof that God exist and will always protect his people. The picture above looks like their is a lot of fire woods but this are the pieces of a house that got burnt to ashes last night in Makina village of Kibera.

Life for informal settlement dwellers is already a challenge at this time of Corona, the people of Kibera depend on well wishers for food donation, water because with the current situation most of them have lost their works and closed their small scales business because of the pandemic. With Kenya recording more than 600 positive cases a day. Life is becoming more difficult now with the reality of the Corona virus now being seen.

More than eight families lost their place of stay and they will be spending the night at a friends place or in the colds for now, few well wishers are helping them find new place to stay, but life will never be the same again because they are going to start from zero now and with the Corona virus at it best now, spreading very fast in Kibera. They are even in more troubles and risk of contracting the virus.

Few of their stuffs that are remaining are not even worth keeping but with the grace of our faithful God, we just keep them in our prayers and gave the little we had but how long will the food we give them last or how safe will they be when they still dont have their place to stay. We are sure they will build again their new houses but how many are willing to give a helping hand at this Corona Virus if they are advice to stay at home and keep distance. God is in control and we prayer they get help fast.

God help Kenya

We come to this world very innocent and not knowing what it holds for us. Just like the New Year celebration came and everyone was happy welcoming the year 2020. We had plans, plans for development, traveling the world, changing lives, working on new projects, succeeding and many more. Some of us just got new plans on starting a well-paying job but with what is happening now. We can’t predict the future and most of us just wish we go back to 2019 or we can assume 2020 never existed and head to 2021.

Current Kenya is facing tough time just like the world in general but we have three ‘’virus’’ really affecting us but I think two of them are not that popular because it only affecting the poor in the society.

Lately we have had very heavy rains in Kenya and it has left more than 70,000 people homeless and had 164 flood related deaths. This numbers are very threatening and even more dangerous with the rain still expected to continue till the end of the month. This something that we as a country should be able to handle because it’s not the first, second or third time but we have been having floods for years now, no permanent solution has been found till now. If this was to happen in any first world country and the lives of 164 people lost just because they can’t  get permanent solution, someone somewhere in the top government authority would have lost his job for sleeping at work. But in Kenya, the abnormal are normal and the other way round makes sense for most of us too.

The COVID 19 situation has brought the best of Kenyan too, The brotherhood in this country during pandemic is unbelievable. Volunteers including me have been using our connects to raise funds to make sure no household is lacking food to eat, private sectors has also contributed a lot in this and to your surprise the government and politicians also have a hand in this, regardless of tribe. This is one of the normal that looks abnormal in Kenya. A lot of foods have been distributed in the slums of Nairobi mostly, since the lock down of major cities here in Kenya. This the spirit needed all the time and it just made us realize that we are not the problem toward the peace and development of our country but dirty politician are and if you think am lying then kindly remind yourself on what happens before and after every presidential election in Kenya. There you go, you have the answer. Unless we become our brother’s keeper all the time even after the pandemic, we will still have one unrealized pandemic in Kenya called dirty politician virus.

And lastly the COVID 19 situation is getting bad just like is expected, the mass testing is reviling a lot of what has been hidden all this time. My question is how prepared  are we with the mass testing and the stigma it is cause as the government, most people argue that they can live with the virus just like some are living with AIDS and DIABETES among other diseases and still work but they are forgetting its effects on the old aged citizen. The government is doing all it can and for the first time since I started blogging I can say some positive thing about my government, but at this moment we get the opportunity to do it for ourselves and at the end of the day, analyze our model as person if it is working. The government will be there to help but it is up to us to maintain social distance, wash our hand and sanitizer to make it easy for our health service providers to help fight COVID 19.

Last but not least, we are fighting COVID 19 among other internal virus here in Kenya and just to mention a few, heavy flooding, hunger and fear of the mismanagement of the COVID 19 funds. But this all situations has made us more stronger than before because we now realized the spirit of giving more than taking regardless of the tribe and the conflicts we have had before. This  the kind of Kenya we want for the coming generation and we should maintain it even after the COVID 19 situation is gone. All this will be tasted in the coming 2020 election and if we win this, we can also win against bad political virus that affects us after every 5 years. Let’s get a permanent solution to proudly being Kenyan than regretting why am Kenyan.

Kenyan and the government at large through different organizations and stakeholders are doing their best to sensitize people on the measures to be taken in fighting the corona virus pandemic, i am sure we will overcome this as a world in general because this a common enemy that is being fought globally.

Kenya happened to have one of the biggest refugee camp, DADAAB REFUGEE CAMP. What are the government plans on their health and the measures taken to ensure the corona virus doesn’t spread inside the refugee camp.

Corona virus in Kenya  right now is being spread by those guys who don’t have travel history and that means its within us, and anybody can be spreading it now. You never know weather the person beside you have it or not because in Kenya unless someone is severely sick, he will never go to an hospital for treatment.

As much as we are concentrating a lot on the mass testing now within the area highly affected, we should not forget we need to protect the places which haven’t recorded any case of corona virus infection. Am not sure if the dadaab refugee camp is under Kenyan responsibility or the United Nation but what i know is that we might win the war in major places but the refugees if forgotten will be the one to bring us back to zero again so at this moment all the small details are very important to win this war.

I belief we need a strategy to protect and care for those in the dadaab refugee camps with equal measures as we do in a normal Kenyan citizen in Nairobi, Mombasa or even Kisumu among other major towns in Kenya. I cant confirm if they obey curfew there, a measure our government as taken to protect his citizen and if they rules are being followed.

The refugee camp need to be sensitized a lot on the ongoing corona virus and how they should protect themselves and put under serious supervision because most of them ran from their countries because of war, they have seen lots of death and they might take the corona virus very casual which might end up affecting the innocent citizens in future.


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