Somewhere in a first world country, this is will be inhuman to be on this surrounding but back here in Kenya, mama Alex from Kibera calls it home.

Living in Kibera might be one of the best place to be during politics because that’s the moment you think when i choose the right candidate to represent us in the parliament, our lives will change till you realized that being in Kibera is politics on his own and our leaders take advantage of the situation.

Our government and health experts keep reminding us to stay home and keep safe during this time of Corona virus and with the increase in numbers but how safe are the houses in Kibera. Am not an health expert and I cant tell if the virus is airborn or not but if it is, then homes in Kibera are not the safest place to be.

In this kind of a house, you keep praying that it doesn’t start raining at midnight because you will be forced to leave your house and go look for a place to shelter, security on Kibera slums is also not that good just like other ghettos in the world. Corona has made it even more difficult to ask for shelter from a neighbor and I am not sure even the state of the neighbour house by now but if I can tell, it’s not that promising.

Before we start advising people to stay home and safe, house is one of the basic needs so we should help build a home for him to stay and keep safe. Life in Kibera should not major on survival for the fittest but we should be considered as the loyal citizens who deserves the best out of every opportunity that come our way. We spend coldest morning on queue trying to vote the best leaders for our representation but once they win, they forget about there roots and start fulfilling there selfish interests.

God bless Kenya

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