Rusinga Festival celebrates takes place in Rusinga Island – one of Kenya’s hidden gems on Lake Victoria – the festival offers two days of music, fashion, film, food, artistry, literature, sports and conversations that take you back in time into the wealth of the Suba Culture.

The 2019 edition was tailored along the theme “The Island Remembers” – which gives us a reason to reminisce, celebrate, re-imagine and connect Rusinga Island to the world through art, culture and heritage. Today, cultural expressions are key in unifying and humanizing people.

The Island Remembers also commemorate the fifty years that have passed since the death of the island’s greatest son – Tom Mboya – through an assassin’s bullet. Tom Mboya remains one of the most prominent personalities in Kenyan history. The Island Remembers will reflect on the 50 years since his tragic death, the historic reaction to his death, his life & struggles, the family he left behind and the continued impact of his legacy.

In celebratingThe Island Remembers, the festival also explore and showcase the theme in many creative and cultural forms, while at the same time celebrating the African narrative.  It was interesting to see how the theme played out in conversations on tourism, culture, identity, art, theatre, film, fashion, entrepreneurship, leadership, environment, disability, technology, women and youth empowerment, health, gender and so on throughout the festival.

We look forward to celebrating with you in what promises to be another remarkable year! You will be left in awe as you lap up the rich Suba culture and stunning serenade of nature with every sunset and sunrise over Africa’s largest fresh water lake.

This years event will take place in December 2021 the exact date yet to be confirmed, Thanks.